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Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Federation of Disability Sport
The easiest way of describing the Federation is to say its job is to be an effective way of representing the views of disabled people interested in sport.  But it must do more than that.  It has make it possible for disabled people to access all sports opportunities and facilities as a matter of course. 
It therefore has to be able to work with existing sports providers to make sure they understand the need for positive moves to attract disabled sportspeople.  The Federation also has to identify and support things that disabled people want to do.  It isnt in a position to run sports itself: it has no money to do that.  Its strength lies in being able to influence those who do, and ensure good practice in sport for disabled people. 
Its key actions include deciding on its strategic approach to the tasks and what priority each should be given.  It does this in conjunction with the much wider strategy for all sport in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland.  It also organises an Annual Open Forum meeting to present current topics to the sporting community.  This years event attracted over 200 people with an interest in sport for disabled people.
It is however seeking the funds which will allow it to implement the strategy and provide training to people in all areas of sport to help ensure real equality of opportunity.
It does other jobs as well.  It provides the county-wide liaison with the English Federation of Disability Sport (East Midlands).  It acts as the main point of contact for national consultations, and co-ordinates responses, and can stimulate research.  It will provide advice and guidance on disability sport to interested parties and does identify, monitor and co-ordinate resources to ensure current and future development of disability sport in the area.
It is set up in a way which represents disabled sportspeople and always ensures them the majority vote.  In other words it is run by sportspeople for sportspeople.  If you want to make contact to give you views on relevant matters, please contact Steve Branson on 0116 265 7130 or Email [email protected] 
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