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Active Sports Basketball is for those boys and girls aged 12-14 who already enjoy the sport in school and community programmes. It also aims to meet the large unfulfilled demand that already exists by taking young people who play the game into a club and competition environment. It will provide locally based activity, which is easily accessible and operates within a child-friendly environment, and enables young players to access quality activities and pathways into well-organised club sport and beyond. At you can write my essays on any topic you wish in case you are thinking about improving your editing skills.
Sport England developed this overall approach working in consultation with all ten of the participating sports. But each sport has different development requirements, so each has produced its own specific framework to guide the local programmes.
England Basketball has invested considerable thought and effort in planning how to make Active Sports work for our sport. We have produced a detailed framework that we believe will deliver the best results for basketball.
The framework consists of four distinct stages, with Stages One and Two very closely linked. Stage One provides the opportunity to access Active Sports, while Stage Two will provide the ongoing opportunity for young people to receive structured coaching and competition opportunities. The club(s) within the Partnership that are identified at Stage Two must be fully involved in the delivery of Stage One programmes, i.e. 'come and try' sessions, fun days, coaching and competition programmes. Where no club exists to service a Stage One programme, Active Sports -Basketball will act as a catalyst to aid the formation of a club, and the Partnership must look to address developmental issues of continued participation beyond the Active Sports double age band.
Stage One aims to attract those young people who have already learnt the basics of the game, usually in school, and now wish to take their involvement further. We will provide new local coaching and competition opportunities including coaching and Central Venue Leagues for under-13 and under-14 year olds, both year groups running in parallel in 10 week blocks. These activities will be scheduled to run between September and December and again from January to March. Coaching activities will account for 65-75% of programme time. Our aim is to enthuse young people and prepare them for the Stage Two clubs.
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Stage Two - Club Development
This stage includes developing and setting up quality junior clubs. These clubs will be responsible for providing regular coaching, competition and social programmes so that players can continue to improve their skills and enjoy the benefits of regular competition throughout the season. Such clubs will already be working to, or towards, our Club Development Model, and able to satisfy Active Sports' minimum standards relating to safe play and equal opportunities.
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This third stage concentrates on the most effective way of assessing the abilities of those under-13 and under-14 year olds who are participating at local level in schools and clubs and want to take their involvement with basketball further. These young people will be given the opportunity to participate in three- to five-day Sub-Partnership Development Camps early in spring.
Those under-13 and under-14 year olds identified at Stage Three as having ability and talent will be put into three- to five-day Partnership Camps that will run twice a year, at Easter and in July. Here they will get additional training and assessment at pre-county levels. At the end of this stage players will be recommended to clubs of appropriate standard.
We also feel very strongly as a sport that we could be doing even more to attract those sections of the community that have yet to enjoy basketball. That is why we are committed to using Active Sports as a way of targeting those groups who are under-represented in our sport, and especially of reinforcing our commitment to young people from disadvantaged areas within our major cities.
Our programme is now in place and we have trained development teams on hand around the country to ensure that our Basketball Action Groups have everything they need to implement Active Sports at the local level.


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