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Natural amber - beauty in combination with healing power.

Our planet has generously endowed us with minerals and precious stones of various shapes and colors.  And the range of borage products is quite large and you can view it on the website. Ah, if all the beautiful stones are as useful as amber! We would have long forgotten about the dubious call "the beauty demands victims. If you raise the long history of amber, it becomes clear to what place he was neither add – the benefits will be required. Ancient scientists believed amber panacea from all troubles and illnesses! In our time, even modern medicine uses amber to receive healing succinic acid, which has the properties of a bio-stimulator. Amber acid has anti-toxic and antistress effects on human organisms. And do you know how succinic acid penetrates into the organism with bracelets or necklaces? In the hot summer weather, neck and wrist sweat, and succinic acid from the jewelry in microscopic doses enters the body through the pores of the skin. This process reduces pain, and tumor resorption, cleans the skin from acne and smoothes wrinkles, and improves vision, metabolism, and overall health. Succinic acid miraculously finds unhealthy places that need it, and promotes their recovery!

Beauty in combination with the healing strength

The Beauty of solar amber made it desirable for many peoples, while Gem even was an analog of the monetary unit. Just amber decorated the crown of the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, and in Ancient Rome was the time when traders deliberately went for amber in the North, because the stone was in favor of the pampered Roman fashionistas. At that time small figurine of amber was more expensive than living as a slave. In Japan and China, the cherry amber hue was the insignia of the Imperial family. In Europe and Russia in the middle ages, amber was used to create objects of worship – beads, and ornaments for salary icons. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, the amber craft reached the highest level, it is then that was created the famous Amber room, still caused a stir among foreign tourists.

Nearly everything that comes in contact with amber, becomes useful, for example, the water which sometimes was amber, is becoming an effective laxative. And non-amber mouthpiece supposedly reduces the number of toxic substances entering the body by Smoking. Remember that amber jewelry is not only a beautiful decoration but also an object for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Because of this, if you buy a present for my mom, which sometimes a headache or pressure increase, it is better to opt for beads and bracelets from natural not polished amber. And the pain in the joints definitely buys the kit and even the amber ring. Pendants or amulets recommend to buy yourself or give as a gift for the prevention of heart disease.

Raw amber is very prone to external influences, so keep it away from electrical appliances and heating systems. And selected for treatment of amber, in no case be transmitted in the wrong hands.

Medical amber

Amber is fossilized for many thousands of years and is the resin of ancient pines. In the composition of the gem is a natural biostimulant - succinic acid, which owns rare properties on the restoration of metabolism and activation of all body functions.

The amber: a complex mixture of hydrocarbons, resins, succinic acid, and oils. The percentage of those present in the amber of the components in a typical case is:

78,6%   carbon;

10,5%   hydrogen;

10,5%   oxygen;

0,4% sulfur.

Medical amber must not have any chips, flies, or air. Healing stones should not beat polished, because they lose the upper crust of – a very valuable substance. The most useful amber stones are a bit dark – grayish in color, but the maximum curative effect has stones, not thrown ashore by the waves, and those that are extracted from a great depth!

Natural mascot

In Addition to the healing properties, it is a very interesting and different, magic, side to this gem. Probably impossible to find a mascot better than Amber. For example, necklaces of amber – are great protection for the person, which is often damning. Or if a woman feeding kids will wear beads of amber, then her baby will be calmer and more cheerful. Amber promotes sound sleep and protects energy hibernation – for the purposes of this should be put near the pillow piece of unpolished, natural stone. Different people believed that Amber is reassuring people that come upon the mount, he brings relief and gives hope.

However, if you decide to choose for themselves amber not only as a decoration but also as an amulet, you should know that the gold stone loses its magical power. Do not tolerate it and the company chrysoprase, ruby, and diamond.

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